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  The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. In a short time, cheetahs can reach speeds of 130 kilometers per hour, far outpacing the running antelope and horses.  Cheetah body there are many black spots, the spots can let the cheetahs in the grass is not easy to be other animals found that as long as close to the prey, then pounce, steps can catch prey, nice big meal.  I love cheetahs because it's the "king of speed" in the animal world. I wish I could run as fast as it can one day!  猎豹是世界上跑得最快的动物,在短时间里,猎豹最高速度能达到每小时一百十三公里,远远超过了善于奔跑的羚羊和马。  猎豹的身上有许多黑色的斑点,这些斑点可以让猎豹在草丛中不易被其他动物发现,只要靠近猎物,然后猛扑过去,几步就可以追上猎物,美美地大吃一顿。  我喜欢猎豹,是因为它是动物世界的“速度之王”。我真希望有一天能跑得像它一样快啊!


  Hello, my name is little rabbit. I am a mammal. I have a pair of big long ears. I use it not only to listen to various sounds, but also to use it to give off heat! As soon as there was a little bit of wind, my ears would pop up, turn nimbly, look for a place to make a sound, and then quickly run to safety. I have a pair of flaming eyes on my round head, like two red beans.  Chubby and elegant white hairs on his body, after death has a round and a short tail, like a small pompon, his body and four short legs, tell you, my feet have claws, is that you can't see, this is my secret weapon, who dare to bully me, I a claw bottom go to, would have a blood, I badly?  I like to eat tender green grass and fresh mushrooms, and every time I eat them, that's my biggest enjoyment! Envy? Now, do you know a little bit about me?  大家好,我的名字叫小兔子,我是一只哺乳动物。我有一对又大又长的耳朵,我不仅用它来倾听各种声音,还能用它来散发热量呢!只要有一点风吹草动,我的耳朵就会“唰”地一下竖起来,灵巧地转动,寻找发出声音的地方,然后就飞快地跑到安全地带。我圆圆的脑袋上还有一对火红的眼睛,就像两粒红色的糖豆。  胖嘟嘟的身体上还有飘逸的白毛,身后有一条圆圆的、短短的尾巴,就像一团小绒球,身体下面还有四条短短的腿,告诉你们,我的脚上也有爪子,就是你们看不到,这是我的秘密武器,谁敢欺负我,我一爪下去,准会有一条血痕,我厉害吧?  我最喜欢吃嫩绿的青草和鲜嫩的蘑菇,每当吃到到这些,那真是我最大的享受呀!羡慕吧?现在,你们是不是有点了解我了?