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  美国留学 布朗大学本科面试官的心得体会  学校名称:美国布朗大学(普罗维登斯) Brown University (Providence)  所在位置:美国,Providence  学校设置类型:综合性大学  创建时间:1764年  学历:本科 研究生  学校性质:私立  学生人数:8025人  院校地址:Providence, RI 02912 (401) 863-1000  学校中文网址:/school/4012  布朗大学本科教育相当受重视。如果布朗大学现有的学系里没有自己想要的,学生们可以自己设计跨学科的专业课程;布朗大学还有一些新奇少见的本科专业,如海洋生物、医学伦理、埃及文、现代文化和媒介,乃至巴西研究等等,称得上五花八门,琳琅满目;是否颁给某个教授终身职,不仅要看其学术成就,还要看其本科教学水平。下面是一篇布朗大学本科面试官的心得体会,希望对于想申请布朗大学本科的学生能够有所帮助。  I have interviewed sixty students during the last 4 years for Brown University. Of the students I interviewed, only three have been accepted.  The students shared numerous common factors. All were in the top five rank of their class academically, and scored in the top 1% nationally on the various SAT and PSAT exams. In school they had taken AP courses, and done extra academic work outside of school either in local colleges or at schools such as Kumon. The students were very active in student government, clubs, and many other extracurricular activities. Most students could speak at least three languages fluently, and held a leadership position in one major sporting activity.  The students whom I recommended had some distinct differences compared with the rest of the group. These applicants participated in a wider range of activities than the other prospects. Some were the leaders of church activities, or community organizations, or had unique part-time jobs, or had traveled globally, or had won some special awards in areas outside of school. They were subject tutors to other classmates, or completed special projects with one particular teacher outside of the regular classroom.  Brown accepts students who have particularly high level achievement in diverse areas outside of the academic disciplines. I have listed some of these areas in the previous paragraph. In addition, the successful applicants also had one very special talent or extraordinary experience. Some examples: one student I recommended had organized a national human rights meeting in Washington DC that was attended by over one million people. The student gave a speech at the meeting. Another student founded and edited an internet newspaper in Philadelphia that was read by five hundred thousand people each week. The third student that Brown accepted from my applicant pool during the last 4 years had worked in France for a member of the French Parliament as an intern one summer.  Based on my experience, if your child will apply to a selective school such as Brown, any other Ivy, Stanford, MIT, etc., you must build your child’s resume over many years. Try to help your child achieve leadership positions in activities. Help your child find a unique skill or talent that will be recognized on a state or national level. Remember that EVERY APPLICANT has very high marks in school, and has done well on the SAT and PSAT. That is not unique. Selective schools want to find students who represent a wide range of interests and achievements, and the admission committees will search for kids who are creative, energetic, passionate about diverse subjects, and are independent. One last tip – keep in mind that college applications are motivated at the beginning of a child’s senior year in high school. That means that most of the information contained on one’s college admissions application is generated from activities completed in grades 8, 9, 10 and 11. A parent should keep track of key events in a child’s proGREss starting in 7th grade. Good luck, and remember that a motivated student could be successful at any number of colleges. It is very difficult to gain acceptance to the selective schools.  以上就是布朗大学本科面试官的心得,历时12年的一项研究结果表明,布朗的学生们对布朗大学本科教育经历相当满意。大部分人相信布朗生涯给他的未来做了最好的准备,认为布朗教纲、布朗的学术自由和教育哲学非常优秀。更多的布朗人甚至说,如果有选择的话,愿意再上布朗读一次大学,而92%的人将鼓动自己的孩子读布朗。